The Reverend Canon Linda Hill, Incumbent

Ordained an Anglican priest in 1992, Rev Linda has been passionate about parish ministry since she ‘returned’ to church as a young adult and got involved in her local Anglican parish.  Her many years of ordained ministry since then have confirmed her belief that a healthy church can transform lives and communities with the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ.

She has discovered that every parish is unique, and enjoys working with the people of St. Aidan’s as they seek to discover and fulfill God’s calling at this time and place.  She believes it takes prayer, courage, lots of effort and much love to build a Christian community that serves God’s world and proclaims the good news of God’s love to all people.

Rev Linda received her theological education at the Toronto School of Theology (Trinity College) where she received a Master of Divinity, Honours in 1992.  She graduated from York University in 1984 with an Honours B.A. in Fine Arts Studies.  Before entering theology she studied Business Administration at Fleming College.  She completed the Toronto Jubilee Program in Spirtiual Direction in 1994 and is a Priest Associate of the Sisters of St John the Divine (SSJD), an Anglican religious order for women based in Toronto.

She enjoys physical fitness, gardening, reading and sewing.  She is married to the Reverend Canon David Clunie and they have two adult children and two grandchildren


The Reverend Canon Matthew Borden, Honorary Assistant

The Reverend Canon Matthew Borden is known to us at St. Aidan’s as ‘Father Matthew’. He is a much loved Honorary Assistant who has been part of this community since 1992. He is an active member of St. Aidan’s Wednesday Prayer Group and occasionally preaches or presides at Holy Communion. He leads occasional Quiet Days (a facilitated time of prayer and meditation) and is the Chaplain of Building Aidan's Community. Father Mathew has a significant pastory ministry to the sick and home-bound in our parish, and is also a regular celebrant at the Church of St. Barnabas in downtown Ottawa. He is a Priest Associate of the Sisters of St. John the Divine (SSJD) an order of Anglican sisters.

Born in 1936, Father Mathew was ordained in the Anglican Church of Canada in 1976. He loves music, singing in the St. Aidan’s choir, as well as playing the recorder in his personal time, walking, as well as the study of astronomy. He has a lively sense of humour and is devoted to his wife Beth Dorwood. They live in Kanata.


Parish Governance

The Parish of St Aidan is part of the Diocese of Ottawa which is in turn part of the Anglican Church of Canada.

The Incumbent and the Churchwardens make up the Parish Corporation which is responsible, under the direction of Parish Council, for the management of parish finances. It is this legal entity that has the authority to sign contracts and transact business with other organizations. Usually delegated to a parish treasurer are the responsibilities for maintaining accounting records and preparing financial statements.

Parish Council acts on all matters referred to them by Vestry; helps incumbents develop policy and Christian education programs; makes recommendations on the annual budget, written financial statements (received quarterly, at least), and any other matter affecting parish responsibilities, and encourages regular attendance at Church services. It has the rights and duties of Vestry between Vestry meetings. It is to meet regularly, monthly if possible; it elects a chairperson and secretary each year.

A Vestry meeting open to all communicant and financially contributing age 16 and over members of the Parish is held at least once a year to approve a budget, authorize Parish appointments, elect Officers and transact any other business that comes before it. A special Vestry meeting is held during the year if a major decision is required (such as authorizing an expensive repair to the building).

The most visible member of the Parish organization is the Incumbent (Priest). She is appointed by the Bishop and is directly responsible to him to carry out the work delegated by his authority to her. She shares responsibilities with Churchwardens and Lay leaders in the parish. The primary role of the incumbent is to oversee all aspects of Parish life and to provide leadership, encouragement, and spiritual support in the parish and in the wider community. The responsibilities of the Incumbent are based upon and grow from the responsibilities assumed at ordination. They include the following:

  • arrange the liturgies and worship life of the Parish, including music, so that the corporate and individual lives and ministries of the Parish community are given expression;
  • provide general leadership with a view to fostering a strong spiritual, scriptural and sacramental base within the community so that it may reach out beyond the Parish;
  • oversee the administrative work that supports the Parish, ensuring that programs and activities are coordinated so as to contribute to the effectiveness of Parish life;
  • together with Churchwardens, Lay leaders and Vestry, manage the affairs of the Parish with appropriate regard to economy, efficiency and effectiveness;
  • share in the work of the Diocese and support colleagues in ministry, taking part in committee work and Diocesan activities;
  • preside at Vestry meetings, working with Vestry to establish goals, manage the Parish’s resources, and develop stewardship programs.



The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa formed The Parish of Saint Aidan (Anglican Church of Canada) on May 13, 1958. The parish was initially connected with the Parish of St Thomas the Apostle on Alta Vista Drive. Until St Aidan’s was able to build its own facilities parishioners met in Vincent Massey Public School on Smyth Road to hold their Sunday worship services.
In November 1960 the Parish House, later named Lindisfarne Hall, was opened at 955 Wingate Drive and used for worship services, Sunday school and parish social events. In time the present worship sanctuary was built, being completed and dedicated in June 1965. Lindisfarne Hall as well as a lower hall are still used for parish and community functions.


Saint Aidan

Saint Aidan is one of the greatest saints of the Celtic church. He was an Irish monk who helped restore Christianity to northern England in the seventh century. He was also the founder and first bishop of a monastery on the island of Lindisfarne off the northeastern coast of England. Aidan chose the tidal island of Lindisfarne as the setting for his monastery for three reasons: it was near the protection of the royal fortress of Bamburgh; when the tide was low it was connected to the mainland by a causeway; and twice a day it was cut off from the land when the tide was high. This allowed Aidan and his monks to both minister in the wider community as well as have solitude and quiet for prayer.  His ministry was marked by a strong concern for the poor and a commitment to simplicity of life. Aidan is a fine example of the necessity of balancing the work of Christian mission and service as well as nurturing an intimate relationship with God in Christ through prayer.





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